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Pearl Honey

The Choice is Yours.

Every time you step aboard your Chris-Craft, you should feel a personal sense of warmth and an inviting welcome. To achieve this, we give careful attention to the overall design: the contours of the seating, the finishes of surrounding woods and surfaces, the practicality and functionality of every element, and of course, the specific color combinations and textures. This exquisite attention to detail maintains – and matches – the personality of each boat, while ensuring the timeless beauty of a Chris-Craft for decades to come.

We choose our colors to provide selection, but at the same time, ease the decision-making process for our owners. Create the boat that is uniquely yours with a solid upholstery that provides continuity in subtle or deep tones. Or select a two-tone interior for an exhilarating contrast of hues. Whichever you choose, you’ll know that every stitch has been handcrafted by master seamstresses in our Sarasota factory. And they share the same passion for Chris-Craft as do you.

A Standout at First Glance.

We start with exceptional design. Wide bolsters and beautiful diamond-pattern and wave-pattern stitching are comfortable and luxurious. Heavy stainless steel bars wrap many of our captain’s chairs, providing a solid grip and a beautiful detail that embraces the seat just as the seat embraces the driver.

Hand-made from soft, luxurious vinyl that is the highest quality for marine use available, our hand-selected fabrics are not only fade-, tear- and stain-resistant, but puncture-resistant, as well. Because accidents happen, we’ve taken an additional measure to protect your upholstery. Color is infused into the seat fabric so that any scratches or scuffs that occur over the years do not reveal a different color base.

Still Beautiful After Years of Use.

Uncompromising attention to every detail makes a Chris-Craft unique – both inside and out. In crafting our interiors, every fine point matters: the alignment of seams, the matching of patterns, the spacing between rows of stitches, and the precision of our embroidered logo. We go to these great lengths because we know that you’ll have your Chris-Craft for a long time. And while you might not appreciate them all in the beginning… you will over time.

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