Color to Fit Your Lifestyle.

At Chris-Craft, we believe your boat should be a reflection of your personal style. We go the extra mile by providing our customers the opportunity to create a color that is uniquely yours, with choices of exterior paints that provide continuity in subtle or deep tones. We choose our current color offerings in order to provide selection, but at the same time, ease the decision-making process for our owners. Our extensive selections of paints are designed to go beyond the gel-coat color offering and provide our owners with the true opportunity to create a boat that is customized down to the very last detail.




A Process to Ensure Perfection.

Our craftsmen are well educated in the processes that go into making custom colors, including our brilliant metallics. Each boat that leaves our factory goes through a rigorous 50-hour painting methodology, handled by our detail oriented craftsmen with years of painting experience. Beginning with the preparation procedure, each boat is cleaned and taped. Our process has been designed and perfected to ensure each hull is without flaw before the paint is applied. Initially covered with a grey primer prior to the prep procedures, once sanded, the paint is applied and topped with a clear urethane coating that gives the boat a glassy finish. Our finish creates a durable layer protecting the paint, allowing for years of brilliant color. Once the paint has dried, the finished project is inspected under fluorescent lights for a meticulous quality check.




Attention to the Utmost Detail. 

A true multi-step process, our hulls are primed and painted under the constant care and attention of our skilled team. No matter what paint or gel-coat option you choose, you’ll know that every inch has been carefully crafted.