We Have a Unique Design Language.

Exceptional design is more than something that looks good. It’s the way you interact with an object, too. Before you even step aboard, the very form of our boats will captivate and inspire you. The graceful curves and sharp edges blend seamlessly together to create an organic shape of undeniable beauty. And long, unbroken lines convey a sense of dynamic movement even when the boat is stationary. But it isn’t until you take a cruise, race the wind, and just sit back and take it all in, that you’ll truly appreciate the uncompromised design – and all of the subtle extras that make it uniquely Chris-Craft.


It’s in the Details.

Cast your eyes around any marina, and you’ll see dozens of boats that all look the same. Chris-Crafts stand out, because they are defined by specific design characteristics. There is nothing brash or overdone. Nothing trendy or frivolous. Just classic lines and elegant touches that contribute to their beauty, as well as their overall form and function.

Our iconic deep-V hull appears as if it’s sculpted from a solid block, and is engineered for extreme stability and dynamic performance in all conditions. Signature reverse transoms make rear entry and exit from the boat easier, while flared bows give an overall look of elegance and provide extra deck space for people to walk on. And the lowered seats on the bows? In addition to providing practical forward seating for guests and an uninterrupted view, they are a traditional Chris-Craft design detail that enhances the overall look.

Smaller things also stand out. Like bow and stern Chris-Craft logos set in steel and wood. And cleats, horns and air intake plates, all custom crafted and made to adorn our boats like crowning jewels. And of course, there’s intricate teak work – perhaps one of our most defining design details – that graces our swim platforms, window surrounds, handrails and name plaques.


It’s the Chris-Craft Way.

Doing things the right way isn’t always the easiest, but to us, it’s worth it. Our innovation and willingness to find the best approach to do something is the reason we’ve always been able to achieve ultimate functionality without sacrificing beauty. It’s what we’ve been doing for the past 148 years – and what we’ll be doing for the next century, as well.


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