Beauty and Purpose Go Hand-In-Hand.

Over time, familiarity allows you to understand exactly why we’ve designed a component a certain way. Our pop-up cleats retract flush to the surface for clean lines, but also to prevent trips. Our custom fabricated instrument gauges emit a warm, twilight glow that also enhances visibility in fading light. And our stainless steel – all premium grade 316 – although more expensive, resists corrosion better. Like solid integrity, it stands the test of time.

A Masterpiece Awaits.

Part of the pleasure of owning a Chris-Craft is exploring the beauty – and practicality – of all the details within it. Striking in form and painstakingly crafted, they enhance your daily experiences in ways you truly come to appreciate. The integrated shape of an engine airtake. The upright, weighted logo in the center of a mahogany steering wheel. The freshwater hose tucked within an anchor well. They all convey the thoughtfulness that we put into each boat.

No One Knows Wood Like We Do.

Perhaps more than anything else, Chris-Craft is known for our spectacular use of woods, particularly teak. In addition to its beauty and warmth, it resists salt water better than other woods. Our teak is expertly laid on a special backing to impede the ingress of water, and of course, hand caulked with the utmost of care. All of our wood detailing meets higher standards than you’ll find in any other boat. Not only is it beautiful, it’s expertly crafted, with matching grain and superior finishing.

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