Chris-Craft Brand Ambassadors 

We believe that a Chris-Craft is more than just a boat, it is truly a lifestyle. Our brand tells a story that lives through each and every owner on and off the water. We are looking to spread that story through 5 individuals via social networks. 

We are looking for individuals that share our passion for the brand and represent themselves comparably. 

What we would ask of you as a brand ambassador:

1. A weekly post including an apparel/lifestyle item or Chris-Craft boat (post photoshoot)

2. Attend one photoshoot a year

 What you would receive:

 1. $300 Travel Allowance towards the photoshoot

 2. Chris-Craft Apparel and lifestyle items

 3. Opportunity to use a Chris-Craft from one of our dealerships for a photoshoot of your own


  • At least 5k Instagram followers

  • Attendance for at least one photoshoot annually

  • Must be familiar with operating a boat

  • Nautical Style

  • At least 25 years old

  • One post per week with apparel/lifestyle items

  • Must be a US resident


If you are interested in becoming a Chris-Craft Brand Ambassador please submit the form to the right, thank you!