Frequently Asked Questions

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Question: I am interested in finding more information about a particular antique Chris-Craft. Where should I start?

Answer: Unfortunately, we have very little technical data for boats built prior to 2001. Here are some resources that you might find helpful.

Question: I am looking for an Owner's Manual for my boat. Where can I get one?

Answer: Manuals for our current models are available here.
We do not have specific owner's manuals for boats prior to 2001. For answers to your questions, please contact our customer service team by web here.

Question: How do I get parts for my Chris-Craft?

Answer: For models built prior to 2001, visit or For models built in 2001 or later, please contact your dealer.

Question: How do I get a touch-up coat for my boat?

Answer: Visit or If your boat is still within the warranty period, your dealer will also have touch-up gel coat.

Question: How do I get new canvas or upholstery items for my boat?

Answer: We highly recommend you use a trusted canvas shop or auto trim shop close to where you do your boating. Patterns and materials for out-of-production models are not avaialble.

Question: Can I use ethanol fuels in my boat?

Answer: We support any efforts to be environmentally conscious. However, we're still working with our vendors to determine how alternative fuels will affect the performance of our boats. From what we can tell, fuel tanks made from poly and aluminum work well, but in older models that have fiberglass tanks, the fuel can damage the containers.