Chris-Craft takes first locally-made boat for test on Moss Lake

Published Wednesday, March 21, 2007
by Hays Burchfield

KINGS MOUNTAIN, N.C. - The first Catalina 23 boat made at Kings Mountain's Chris-Craft plant parted the waters Tuesday afternoon at Moss Lake as the watercraft sped across waves at 55 mph. "This is this boat's first time on the open water," said Chris-Craft Vice President of Operations Bob Greenberg. "It's 23 feet long, and it has a Yamaha 250 horsepower, four-stroke engine." He took the boat on Moss Lake to test it and everything ran as it was supposed to, Greenberg said. Kings Mountain Mayor Rick Murphrey and Police Chief Melvin Proctor took turns, along with Greenberg, steering the boat around the lake. Murphrey has said a boatlift is on its way to be installed at Moss Lake. After July, construction of piers and boat docks will begin on the lake for Chris-Craft to use. Greenberg said it took 18 days to make the first boat, but he expects the plant to produce four boats a week as more workers are hired. The plant currently has 27 employees and plans to have about 120 by the end of this year, Greenberg said.