Frequently Asked Questions

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Question: Where can I obtain vintage Chris-Craft advertising, photographs, boat plans, boat equipment records, and owner's manuals?

Answer: The Mariners' Museum, 100 Museum Drive, Newport News, Virginia 23606, Attention: Chris-Craft Research

Call: 800-565-6846 (EST)

Fax a request to: 757-591-7310, Attention: Chris-Craft Research



Question:How do I order parts for my Chris-Craft?

Answer: For models built prior to 2001, visit or For models built in 2001 or later, please contact your dealer. - See more at:

Question: How do I order parts for my Antique Chris-Craft?

Answer: Please contact Chris Parts at or +1-941-795-0292, 9:00am to 5:00pm (EST) Monday- Friday or Marine Sales and repair at: or +1-586-468-0937 (EST)

Question: How can I connect with other Chris-Craft Enthusiasts?
Question: Who do I contact for information on Antique Chris-Craft restoration? 

Answer: Please contact The Wood Shop Ltd. at or +1-405-922-3789 (CST)

Question: How do I find my nearest dealer?